Shinde Hospital is a speciality Obstetric Care and Gynaecology Hospital in Jalna city.

Inaugurated in 2003 by the hands of the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Vilasraoji Deshmukh, we have completed 15 years of service. Till date, we have conducted more than 12,000 normal deliveries and 2000 Caesarean Sections.

It has well-equipped Operation Theatre and Labour room, Special Rooms, General Wards, Semi-deluxe rooms, OPD, Waiting Room, Reception, Pathology Laboratory and Sonography Centre.

It is a Government recognized MTP and Tubectomy Centre. Infertility treatment and Laparoscopic surgeries are also done here. Cashless Insurance facilities are available here.

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Dr. Anil Shinde, Dr. Mrs. Taraka Shinde and their colleagues are providing services in Jalna since 2003. Till date, they have conducted more than 15,000 normal deliveries and 2000 Caesarean Sections in our Hospital.

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